Based on its vast expertise as a sole commodity (gas) trader, MET Group has long been striving for expanding its business opportunities by integrating further areas of energy trading. 

Integrating power as a new business line means that MET Group from a sole commodity trader would become an integrated multi-commodity player along the whole gas and electricity trading value chain in the SEE and CEE regions, which is a unique selling proposition compared to its peers from national incumbents through mid-sized independent trading enterprises to multinational corporations. 

MET Asset Management Holding AG (formerly MET Power AG) was incorporated in 2013 to originate, trade and sell electricity in the regional markets. MET Asset Management AD is solely owned by MET Holding AG which was established with the intention of creating a central holding organization managing and supporting all the subsidiaries of MET Group within a solid environment.

MET Asset Management Holding AG builds on the cross-commodity synergies of MET Holding’s gas trading & origination business pursued by MET International AG.

MET Asset Management Holding AG intends to specialize in deliberate managing of market and credit risk through asset-based trading, thus aims to support of its sales with own or co-owned real and virtual production capacity of conventional and renewable sources.